Odd Eating these days

I am slowly getting into a one or two meal a day person. Drinking water, enriched water and diet coke. Eating some dried fruit mix and that is about it.

I don’t feel hungry and I don’t have the shakes as before, so not sure. But not going down the path of forcing myself to eating just yet.

On the road to Diabetes or How the Doctor scared me

Went to the doctor this last Tuesday and I have got to say that after 10 years he put the fear of life and death in me.
My indicators have been borderline diabetes for about 5? years, but he says that bloodwork results show me trending toward diabetes at a more realistic? rate,i.e., things are shaping up in me that are show diabetes is more likely in the very near future. At least that was my takeaway.

So, he recommended documenting food intake, etc and watching various factors of my life – as well as, keeping track of the detail of food – just as my dear wife has said for a while.

Researching with the google, I selected webmd online documentation service (www.webmd.com) and found a convenient diary that tracks food/exercise/weight. I will try to keep updating it.

The real test is when I travel for business.

Note: I can see right now that Cici’s Pizza is going to be a rare thing for me in the future ;-(